The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as. Robber baron? Capitalist butcher? Angel? Industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie has been many things to many people, and in this.

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Open Preview See a Problem? So much information and raises a lot of questions about his thinking process, but results is in the pudding. Seven hundred and eighty-some pages later, I am now intimately familiar with the man, and legend, behind Carnegie Steel and one of the largest philanthropic undertakings of modern mankind.

Being a cheery telegraph boy who looks as though he can keep his mouth shut doesn’t hurt either. His behavior is pitiful to observe! I remember the first time I heard about the Homestead strike when my dad was driving past the property where the mill once stood now a giant strip mall and more complextold me everything a six year old girl could understand about that strike and the Pinkertons, and the deaths.

He understood that steel was about to become a major U. The Man’ instead of ‘Andrew Carnegie: It appeared that elected leaders gave him access to promote his ideas, yet took advantage of his generosity and laughed at him behind his back.


Oct 30, Pages. Let them, as well, meet the world head-on. I always had to see it when we went dqvid the library or the museum, and just stared at it with wonder. The author gives a wide canvas — but as mentioned, the length is excessive. Often the sign of a good or long biography is when you feel like you lost a family member when they die. One anrrew, writing that “Carnegie was delighted with Roosevelt’s election in “, did not diminish this otherwise meticulously researched history of a very complicated man.


Something this big is begging for critique. What employer doesn’t like an employee who gets the job done quickly, thinks of ways to do the job better, puts those ideas to use and never complains? By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms anxrew Service. Looking for More Great Reads?

His disowning and denying memory of davld labor practices in interviews and hearings certainly suggests he knew the moral issues involved. Also, the extensive focus on his personal life he and his wife’s housekeeping, their andgew, hobbies, etc. He left all his money to charity and more than almost anyone else on this earth did good with his gifts.

I liked it a lot, so four stars. He had my trust throughout this book. Carnegie was extremely sociable, intelligent, funny, unassuming, and, in a less flattering light, repetitive and stubborn. After assailing William McKinley for what he perceived to be his imperialistic nature, he championed Theodore Roosevelt. Rather his access to capital was his competitive advantage – he was able to buy successful steelworks and subsidiary industries, buy expertise, buy patent security, buy political support for armaments projects that required steel and to break carjegie.

This is a very good biography. He may have given the Pittsburgh people a beautful library, but they were never given a acrnegie off to visit it as he insisted on 12 hour days, seven days a week. His extensive influence means his life certainly deserves an expansive treatment, but I’m not sure this is one I would recommend.

Andrew Carnegie

Aug 24, Clif rated it it was carneggie. Why did Andrew Carnegie give away all of his money? Probably the second-richest man in American history, Carnegie’s carnegid the ultimate rags to riches story. He also benefited from the frenzy to use steel to produce railroad tracks which the U. He applied for and received a messenger job at a busy office. The landscape of Carnegie libraries across the world is stunning.


In this position, he learned all about the Rail Road.

The book illustrates the ambitions of Carnegie to be more than an industrial baron. I’m willing to bet on the fact that Carnegie spent the majority of his life vacationing rather than actually doing business.

To ask other readers questions about Andrew Carnegieplease sign up. Carnegie was confident that mankind would evolve beyond warfare and through his efforts we would say goodbye to war forever.

ANDREW CARNEGIE by David Nasaw | Kirkus Reviews

Excellent biography of Carnegie, steel magnate, philanthropist and peace advocate. Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw. He memorized streets and people so he became very quick at delivering these messages.

Carnegie then proceeded to crush the unions — and it was back to lower salaries and a 12 hour day. Nasaw explains how Carnegie made his early fortune and what prompted him to give it all away, how he was drawn into the campaign first andrww American involvement naasw the Spanish-American War and then for international peace, and how he used his friendships with presidents and prime ministers to try to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.