Aug 2, This Pin was discovered by Denis Kassel. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Type, Comic Book. Language, German. Notes, Limitierte Ausgabe – Die goldene Sichel – Tour de France – Asterix und die Goten – Asterix bei den Briten. von (German) Lauf/Würfelspiel mit Ereigniskärtchen, Wer dran ist würfelt beide Würfel, sucht einen für Asterix aus und zieht Asterix. Dann stellt.

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The next story, Asterix and the Golden Sicklestarted in issue 42 11 August Particularly Obelix, who is quite slim, if not so thin. One of my favourite comic series of all time.

Character profiles of the album Tapidesourix T At the end of last week, the NADA had published their results. Asterix der Gallier Home Asterix Bd. Nov 06, Mythili rated it it was amazing Shelves: I will defiantly be reading all the Asterix. There is never a dull moment and the situations are so excessively hilarious that I find myself shutting the book to laugh for a good couple of minutes and resuming a moment later.

Excelente primer tomo para presentar a Asterix y su mundo, favoreciendo a los galos y delirando bastante a los romanos. Not content with having been widely translated, like all the other albums, the first Adventure of Asterix coomic appeared in all kinds of forms: Asterix and the Magic Carpet Asterix Adventure There are only a very few characters in this book, and the village crowd have not yet appeared.

Retrieved from ” https: Many laughs, though I’m sure I missed quite a bit because of the Latin stuff, even though I probably have more Latin than most Americans.

For me the whole thing always felt like some sort of a trial gsllier before the real series starts, both in art style and storytelling. Aug 31, Scarlett Readz and Runz SO I’m updating it to 4 stars assterix we will be looking at it together in the future.


Refresh and try again. The Roman’s identity is revealed when he loses his false moustache, shortly after he discovers the existence of the magic potion; whereupon he reports his discovery to the Centurion. By looking carefully you will see the odd difference compared to other pages larger letters, finer features ….

Behold, the semiotic power of comics! The books he completed in the 30 years following his partner’s tragic demise in the mids aren’t nearly as powerful as their predecessors. I remember liking it then, but of course I didn’t really get into the comic because it was in Asgerix and not English.

Here’s my nutshell summary of the complete Asterix and Obelix bibliography. I thought it was funny. The Romans are tricked into drinking this potion and before long, all of them have long hair and beards. Asterix is definitely one of my favorite comic book series of all time. These comics are not to teach history but to entertain. All in all I wouldn’t exactly recommend it to new readers as there are better places to get started, but Asterix fans coic definitely give it a read if only to know how it all began.

Definitely worth reading this series! Asterix and the Actress.

Asterix the Gaul – Asterix – The official website

It’s a pity author Goscinny died so young. Somebody with pull fix this! Each volume tallier this series is supremely rich awterix wonderful cartoon sketches, lots of humor and superb characters. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat We share information about your activities on the site asteix our partners and Google partners: Only one small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.


This very first volume of Asterix is so very funny, and it is like a taste of what is coming with this series: I’ll have to try it, and de is a reader. Since then over 30 books in this series were translated into over languages today. It revolves around the Romans trying to figure out the secret of the Gauls’ great strength, kidnapping the druid Getafix to acquire it for themselves. The English translation also complements the original French so effortlessly that it’s a com By Toutatis!

The puns, the play on words, the names, slapstick violence, history, this series has it all.

Asterix Bd.1: Asterix der Gallier

TIPS To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Like the Tintin reread I’m doing I will also endeavour to read all the Asterix books once again. Facts gleaned from Asterix still probably constitute the majority of gal,ier admittedly scant knowledge of European geography and history.

Crismus Bonus, hoping to overthrow Julius Caesarorders Getafix captured and interrogated for the recipe; but to no avail. Of course, upon learning of the potion, Crismus Bonus decides that to have this power would give him much more influence back in Rome, so decides to derr his own way to depose Ceaser and set himself up as dictator. We are sure though that consuming more than one boars at at time, he has asteric a promising start towards his personal fulfillment.

After conquering and annexing Gaul with a two-year war, fought from 52 to 50 BC, he did actually see a small rebellion, though not quite of the k A kindred spirit