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X-ray crystal analysis of the substrates of aconitase.

The crystal structure of thallous fluoride Acta Crystallographica A 24,, 25SS Distorsioni cristallografiche nelle strutture A B F3. Etude cristallographique des systemes formes entre les sleniures L2Se3 de terres rares et le seleniure d’argent Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l’Academie des Sciences, Serie C, Sciences Chimiques, Thermal expansion of the Ag3 Crisatllographie alloy in the ordered and disordered states Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2 Effets magnetostrictifs spontanes de quelques composes de terres rares.

A binuclear structure with strong metal-metal bonding.

Close-packed ordered AB3 structures in ternary alloys of certain transition metals Transactions of the Metallurgical Society of Aime, Structures cristallines des composes intermetalliques entre le nickel et les metaux de terres rares ou l’yttrium Bulletin de la Societe Francaise de Mineralogie et de Cristallographie 72, courw,92 Structural and magnetic properties of non-stoichiometric praseodymium monophosphide Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 30 crkstallographie, Phase investigation in the system zirconium-tungsten Journal of the Less-Common Metals, 17 Structure of ammonium difluorophosphate Journal of the Chemical Society A: Further refinement of the structure of W O3 Acta Crystallographica B 24,, 25 Indiem containing compounds Solid State Communications, 7 The structure of selenium Kristallografiya, 14 Neutron diffraction study of Ba N3 2 Acta Crystallographica B 24,, 25 Structure cristallograpuie potassium, rubidium, and cesium nickelates of composition Mex Ni O2 Kristallografiya, 14 Nature of the interactions of between thorium and rare-earth metals Russian Metallurgy, Some observations on the crystal structures of the rare-earth metals cristallotraphie alloys Journal of the Less-Common Metals, 17 Sur les varietes alpha et beta des sulfures L2 S3 des terres rares Materials Research Bulletin, 4 X-ray investigation of the Hf-Si system from 37 to 65 at.


Refinement of the crystal cristllographie of osumilite American Mineralogist, 54 The cristallograpihe of organomercury compounds II. Structural and magnetic properties of the pseudobinary system Zr1-x Nbx Fe2 Journal of the Physical Cristallotraphie of Japan, 27 Crystal-chemical characterization of clinoamphiboles based on five new structure refinements Mineralogical Society of America: Occurrence of Cs Cl-type phases and related distortion structures in alloys of transition metals Transactions of the Metallurgical Society of Aime, The crystal structure of Ti Pt.

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The crystal structure of silver sulphite Acta Chemica Scandinavica ,, 23 The lanthanum-rhodium system Transactions of the Metallurgical Society of Aime, The crystal structure and transport properties of Ni Rh2 Se4 Inorganic Chemistry, 8 Crystal structure of the compound Ce Ni8.