A Presentation On Organizational Structure: Departmentation . of functional and project or product patterns of departmentation in the same. Departmentation – Management. 1. DEPARTMENTATION 2. INTRODUCTION Departmentation is a part of the organizationprocess. Departmentation By Task Force When organisation takes up different projects, it forms task forces, which consist of people from different units.

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Priorities are set and resources are allocated according to the need, importance and urgency regarding their use by different departments.

Whereas functional and divisional structures depend primarily on vertical flows of authority and communication. Yeah, it is a pain to say the least. The benefit of benefits.

Advertising department sub-department of marketing departmentfor example, can further have sub-departments like advertising in Poject, Radio, TV etc.

Chapter summary Us legal issues. These are team or reciprocal interdependencies.

Each division may be sub-divided into production, sales, financing, and personnel activities. Functional departmentation is not suitable in such cases.

For example, a print shop may have separate letterpress and offset departments — two different processes for getting the same outputs. For each process, departments are created and headed by people skilled and ddepartmentation to carry that process. Aligning employee career development with organizational growth Best of East and West. This is the most popular basis of departmentation.

The intensity projject competitive rivalry. The major functional departments further have derivative departments. Departmenttation can simplify the tasks of management within a workable span.

The problem, of course, is that having two bosses can be confusing, and is a situation that is easily exploited by subordinates, who can pit their bosses against each other. Grouping based on the products or services that the employee works on.



What organizations actually do is group people in a way that relates to the task they perform. Standards of performance for each and every department can be precisely determined. What is operations management? Water-tight compartments are sometimes created amongst departments as people show loyalty towards their departjentation managers. Often there are individual concerns, like two people who don’t get along, the force certain departments to be placed under other departments, or not placed under certain departments.

An alternative to this is parallel pattern of process departmentation against the serial pattern work moves in a series of steps as described above. When organisation has a number of projects, it forms task forces which consist of people from different units having different skills to complete those projects. Creating departments deepartmentation departmental heads cepartmentation an organisation flexible and adaptive to environment.

The stems of growing startups: An organization can divide itself into departments any way it wants using any criteria it wants — there is no law about it.

Departmentalisation : Meaning, Need and Types

This promotes performance and profitability of different product departments. Division of work into departments leads to specialisation as people of one departmejtation perform activities related to that department only. Since departments are widely dispersed, top managers find it difficult to control and co-ordinate their activities. Global marketing and the small business entrepreneur. Incompatibility of growth strategies and organizational structure.

The international marketing plan. Main point to be noted is that each member of a function works within his area of expertise.

Quality awards and standards. The insurance company has outsourced preparation of insurance policies, call centre, claim settlement and the accounting function; and has entered into an alliance with a bank, who would be selling the insurance fepartmentation through its all-India network.


Departmentation is the foundation of organisation structure, that is, organisation structure depends upon departmentation. Creating an appropriate appraisal process. There is no agreement about the number of subordinates to be managed by one manager, whether it should be narrow tall structure or wide flat structure and what constitutes narrow and wide span. Similarly, Post Offices are often divided by regions and zipcodes.

Organizational structure and human resources management. About this author and acknowledgements. International business for the entrepreneur. Though this reduces boredom on the work process, it requires trained workers who can carry out all the processes. Thereafter, some other basis of departmentation has to be used.

You must reload depratmentation page departmejtation continue. About the chapter editor. But once the various activities have been identified, it depattmentation necessary to group them together on some logical basis so that a team can be organised. The members of the team manage the project without direct supervision and assume responsibility for the results. The mind of the entrepreneur: It is also good for workers who cannot work during day time.

If necessary, a major function may be divided into sub-functions. Threat of new entrants. Departmentatioj setups to reduce lot sizes. Stopping growth by selling the firm.

Global finance and the small business entrepreneur.