DIgSILENT PowerFactory Application Guide Dynamic Modelling Tutorial DIgSILENT Technical Documentation DIgSILENT GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 9 PowerFactory is easy to use and fully Windows compatible and can be integrated DIgSILENT YouTube channel; Interactive introductory tutorial and various. PowerFactory is a leading integrated power system analysis software, which covers the full range of functionality from standard features to highly sophisticated .

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The step response of the integrator block is shown in Figure 4.

Our Power System Monitoring PFM product line features grid and plant supervision, fault recording, power quality and grid characteristics analysis. The Pack function therefore creates a self-contained block definition object without any external references.

Power System Software & Engineering

DIgSILENT is a software and consulting company providing engineering services in the field pkwerfactory electrical power systems for transmission, tutoiral, generation and industrial plants. We still need to create actual instances of the equipment inside the grid. From this steady-state representation, we can work backwards from the known output pt and calculate an initial value for the input g: Frame showing a governor and turbine connected to a synchronous generator The initialisation process starts at the synchronous generator element, a grid element with a built-in model.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a digsielnt link. However, any internal state variables in the block need to be manually initialised.

Whereas the block definition could be seen as the design or model for a piece of equipment, the common model can be seen as a specific physical instance of the equipment item itself e.


Using the flexible data window to view model signals and variables 5. The same composite model as seen from inside the data manager is shown in Figure 2. A common model inherits the block diagram of the rigsilent model definition, but has its own local parameter settings. It is sufficient to simply be aware that they exist and know that the definitions are here for reference.

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The slots for the generator, governor, powerfactlry and voltage controller now need to be filled. It is therefore necessary to specifically define the generator controls and their dynamic response to system disturbances. We also look inside the block definition and identify all the state variables which all require manual initialisation. Wind Turbine Block Let us revisit the wind turbine example in Section 4.

The state variable for the integrator block also needs to be initialised, and it will have the steady state value U. However, special courses can be provided upon request. The state variable x should therefore be initialised to zero. Therefore, to complete this model we need to manually initialise vw. In this system, the amount of water flowing into the penstock is controlled by a control gate at the intake.

Digailent water in the penstock flows through the turbine and rotates it, before being discharged through the draft tube. However at this stage, we only have blueprints for the system which are located in the library. Remember me on this computer. Model definitions are type objects that belong in the equipment type library.


General Software Information

A composite frame contains the definitions of each slot, indicating the type of object that should be assigned to the slot. The relevant system components, e. Some DSL syntax guidelines to keep in mind when creating model definitions: We can perform a similar exercise and define model definitions for the governor and turbine not shown here.

March 21, — March 22, Grid connection of renewable generation S This configuration is powervactory in Figure 2.

Both primitive and composite block definitions can be reused inside other higher-level model definitions PowerFactory supports an arbitrary number of layers. In the hydro turbine example, we saw that pt is connected to the synchronous generator and thus known from the load flow calculation.

For example, powwerfactory a wind turbine model with inputs and outputs as shown in Figure 4. Note that once the signals are connected back to other models, the inc0 statements are ignored.

PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

The use of the inc statement is straightforward and can be illustrated by example. Like the integrator block, the state variable x should be initialised to the steady state output yo,ss.

Suppose that both generators use the same type of Basler voltage controller. Model definition for a simple voltage controller for the governor, rigsilent and voltage controller, the built-in model for the generator and how they are all connected together the composite frame.

Step response of first-order lag Figure 4.