View and Download Escort A operation manual online. Count Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Escort A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed. Section 7. GPIB Remote Operation. Introduction. Description of the GPIB. GPIB Interface Parameters Setup. Commands Summary. 72 .

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Other settable ranges are: Measuring Resistance Measuring Resistance 1. Select the proper function for your measurement.

The compare function calculation expression is based on counts without decimal point. Turn off the secondary display. Turns “on” the trigger mode. Sets the brightness of the displays.

Download file %% from thread %Multimetr Escort – schemat potrzebny!%

Page 20 Diode Continuity Tests Press to select diode 3136z function, then connect the test leads across the diode eescort test as shown in Figure Reversing the polarity will reverse-bias the diode.

Page 68 Table Related Manuals for Escort A No related manuals. Diode Continuity Tests Press to select diode continuity function, then connect the test leads across the diode under test as shown in Figure Reversing the polarity will reverse-bias the diode.

Page 62 Table Voltage, Resistance or Frequency Measurements Press the desired function button and connect the test leads as shown 313a6 Figure to measure voltage, resistance, or frequency. Measuring DC voltage and AC ripple on a rectification circuit. Resets the multimeter’s parameters to their default values. Turns “off” the trigger mode.

313a6 Commands The purpose of Query escogt is used for requesting the meter to respond its current status. Arithmetic Function Selection 5. In manual range mode, to select higher range or lower range to the desired one. Opens the serial port that number from 1 to is specified. The meter is acceptable only for the upper case part of command. Combination of Dual Display Settings Table provides the available combination of inputs for the primary esclrt and secondary display in the dual display mode.


To display AC current in primary display and DC current in secondary display or vise versus while testing a rectifier circuit, user may check the DC current component and its AC ripples by taking a single meter. Rear Panel The rear panel shown in Figure contains a line fuse, the power-line cord connector, an RS interface connector, and a cutout for IEEE interface optional connector.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. To install RK rack mount kit, refer to following procedures and Figure or the instructions provided with it: Page 87 Table POWER 8 10 1. Then, any action on the device’s keyboard is enabled.

Case, Panels and Holsters To avoid electric shock or injury, do not operate the meter without panels or case in place. When using both displays, after assigning measurement modes, it is strongly recommanded to escprt the actual respective modes assigned 3163a both displays before reading data escorrt them. Commands Summary Table indicates the GPIB interface factory settings and user selectable communication parameters.

Selects the source of the start trigger signal. Overload Alert The meter has provided an overload alert for voltage and current measurements.

The front and rear protective holsters can be removed when mount the meter into a rack. It is impossible to lock the keyboard if the device is 31336a in trigging mode.



This command pauses program execution until all operations are completed. The error message will be printed along with ‘ the serial poll response byte. To avoid electrical shock or damaging the meter, never get water inside the case. The Output Queue and interface parameter. To ensure the remote interface will operate appropriately, user may need to configure the remote interface parameters by following the procedures as shown below: Measuring AC and DC current on a rectification circuit.

Page of Esort.

Escort 3136A 50000 Count Multimeter

If RS of the meter is under print-only mode, the meter will print out the measured data when the measurement cycle is completed. Although the IEEE Bit set to 1 when response to query placed in output buffer. Auto range AUTO 4. Vac and frequency of the input signal you are measuring.

Using Commands Using Commands Note: The sign will be lit and lock the range to Dual Display Operation Examples Dual Display Operation Examples This section will describe some practical operations of using dual display features. Auto range AUTO 9. You must register and log in before leaving a comment.

Escort 3136A Operation Manual

Getting Started Section 2 Getting Started Introduction Section 2 describes the front panel operational keys, displays, input terminals and rear panel of the meter, adjusting handle, explains general operating features.

RECord Set the dynamic recording 31336a. Set the primary display to diode with continuity test.