HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Type: Document; Date. CAMPAIGN PLANNING. HANDBOOK. Academic Year Editor: COL Mark Haseman. United States Army War College. Department of Military Strategy. and JDP , Campaign Planning. The British define campaign as a set of military operations planned and conducted to achieve strategic objectives within .

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Friendly actors broadly support the achievement of the desired outcome; they may include allies and coalition partners, host nation security forces, as well as local population groups and those International Organisations and NGOs who are amenable to being characterised in this capmaign. An effective community of interest should ideally be selected by the 5-00 and draw upon external expertise.

NYA International B Effective risk management begins with a comprehensive understanding of the threat and an organisation s vulnerability, and the application of appropriate mitigation measures.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. They may employ legitimate political means, within a democratic system or resort to violence. Since the outset of the influx inthe Government of Lebanon. The challenges of the military-medical service in the 21 jjdp century. Understanding the nature of a crisis situation to which the term analysis refers helps to identify the problem as part of the process of planning; both of these are separate from and should precede determining the solution.


JDP is aimed primarily at those engaged in or studying operational level planning, specifically staff employed in: Analysis and assessment are critical to the conduct of military operations. January 14, Releasability:.

Crises may arise in numerous different ways and, as importantly, be perceived differently by individual actors. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Campaign planning | Ministry of Defence | Official Press Release

The identification of, and subsequent engagement with, key leaders may be critical to success. JDP is divided into 3 chapters: JDP Campaign has been archived is not the authoritative reference.

Within each category of actor there may exist a variety of different individuals, groups and organisations whose identity, status and influence all need to be understood. Together these enable a JFC to: Knowledge of regional epidemiology the incidence and distribution of diseases and other factors relating to health is essential, not only for planning purposes, but also as part of a Comprehensive Approach.

It involves adopting a mindset that is different from the rest of the community of interest, and is well-suited to a non-conformist but not to a blinkered or prejudiced member of staff. But it is important not to allow the tools and processes used to overtake their purpose, which is to guide military decision-making.

In such circumstances, those engaged in organised crime may wield influence comparable to the recognised government and may be involved crisis resolution. Risk management is covered in Chapter nd Edition. Annex 1B addresses potential information sources, including those accessible through reachout from a deployed headquarters. SWOT analysis, frequently used in strategy formulation, helps to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats associated with a particular object country, group, organisation, tribe, etc.


Analysis is about understanding the nature of the crisis situation; it is during the planning process that a JFC searches for a solution. The nature of the military activity required from our own forces, with whom it is to be carried out including allies, coalition partners and Other Government Departments OGDsand who such activity is intended to affect or what it should achieve Dealing with Complexity.

HM Government, JDP 5-00 Campaign Planning

NRC works to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable persons during More information. Middlesbrough Manager Competency Framework. Culture and religion ppanning intertwined and can precipitating a crisis or influence an actors inclination to use violence to resolve differences: Analysis is driven by the commander to frame the problem.

The scope of analysis what is to be analysed varies from one situation to another, but its purpose is always the same: These may become centres of hostile activity, require additional protection, or yield potential allies.

The degree of neutrality spans those who stop short of active opposition to the desired outcome, to those who support it with few reservations. Internet and telephones fixed and mobile networks.