I’m writing some of his predictions just to give a slight idea. You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and excess sleep. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. Veera Brahmendra Swamy There are millions of devotees, who pray to him till date because they believe that, he is still alive in Jeeva Samadhi and protecting.

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Lilliputians believe that parents are the last of all others to be trusted with the education of their own children; and, therefore, they have, in every town, public nurseries, where all parents are obliged to send their children to be reared and educated.

Article 49 : The creation and end of universe – An Indian Theory

Invited and your participation through your generosity in the form of Cash and Materials. Manusmriti — an Indian Philosophy 2. Telegu language version of Kalagnanam.

The most part of Kalagnanam alias prophecies collection, describes about the coming King-cum-Avatar, Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayalu and his acts. In every village and town of Andhra Pradesh, and in some parts of South India, we find a shrine in the name of ‘Brahmamgari gudi’and we don’t find a single person in Andhra Pradesh, who does not mention Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s name and his Kalagnanam, at least once in his lifetime.

Parusuvedhi transmutes metals into gold will be shifted from Srisailam kalxgnanam Kandimallayapalle. Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day. Harm boook Muslim countries and Christian countries in Pushya month of a particular year.


Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya started annihilating the evil from the earth. Then Prophet Acharya Nagarjuna Buddhist Monasterywho is said to have died a very long kalagnanamm, will intervene with one of His direct Disciples, distribute Anti-Nuclear Radiation Ayurvedic medicines and rescue people to the maximum. It is observed the prophecy came true partially and will be completed in future – There was an internal explosion in Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in and followed years there were internal explosions in some other organisations.

They are in the oral tradition. All crimes in Lilliput are punished with bolk severity. Ananthare Ananda madhye.

Sri Veera Bramhendra swamy vari charithra – kalagnanam pracharam, Jagtial

Another boy makes predictions. Working with Chittasuddhi purity of cause and satsankalpam good causeFoundation is committed to providing Mobile Anna Prasada Vitharana to the visiting devotees of Swamiji at Kandimallayapalle and Old Age Home.

A war at Rameshwaram takes place. You can also contribute any amount as you wish to the Anna Prasadam. When Saturn enters Pisces-harm to Mlechchas is indicated, in Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil persons are punished. Water and fire comes from Lord Siva. This article does not cite any sources. His prophecies are in poetic way called ‘Dwipada’. On a Visakha Amavasya, strange deceases take many lives may be due to a bio-chemical weapon.

Predictions, made earlier in Bhargava purana, later by Potuluri Veerabrahmendra swamy are detailed. Subscribe Subscribe to our email today to receive updates.

Giving up all friendly relations, they will be ready to lose their own lives and kill even their own relatives. But, by royal edict, the Lilliputians must break their eggs at the little end. Sri Veerabrahmendra Foundation intends to provide accommodation with modern facilities.

Lord Kalagnnanam visits every village and town and chants Kalaghanam mantras. Since then whatever that was written on them will happen and there will be no amendments to the fate of people as well of the countries. A crocodile enters the temple of Goddess Bhramaramba at Srisailam and stays for eight days, cries like a goat and disappears. He lived somewhere else as an unknown Indian.


And the rest are accessible to a few. Most of his predictions have come true and rest is yet to come true. A small part of Kalagnanam is available in Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari Matham at Mudumala, Rangarajugari Matham at Nagaripadu, and the remaining major part is kept in the inner pit of Banaganapalle Mutt under tamarind sprout which has grown into a big tree now. He lived somewhere else as an unknown Indian. The whole part of prophecies said by many saints from South India is included in the kalagnanam book which was published by Brahmamgarimatam.

Nandiswara tears, wages his tail and makes a clarion call.

In all cases where a person has psychic abilities or is able to look into the future, it is generally a gift due to past-birth spiritual practice. Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns.

He who can maintain a family will be regarded as an expert man, and the principles of religion will be observed only for the sake of reputation. All these palm leaf books tell the future of the world kalqgnanam the end of Kaliyuga.

Tirumala becomes shelter to Wild Animals.