A passionate, emotional, action-packed story set against the violent and volatile backdrop of 14th-century Scotland. When her family is wiped out by Clan. Set against the turbulent backdrop of fourteenth-century Scotland, ‘Lady of the Knight’ tells the breathtaking tale of a brave lass left on her own and surrounded. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Pebblesgmc – LibraryThing. Lady Of The Knight by Jackie Ivie pages When Morganna “Morgan” KilCreggar was four.

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She had the braid undone, had raked out a fistful of shorn hair from the back of her neck, and had it re-braided before she heard his splashing. A man who lavy takes what he wants, Alexander FitzHugh makes the boy ‘Morgan’ his squire.

I’ve re-read this book so many times I’ve lost track.

Lady of the Knight (Clans ) by Jackie Ivie

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 61 63. Chandra-of-Red Mar 10, She defeats the best Englishman in a competition that shows her talent.

Jackie has always been the busy type, rarely sitting still without being occupied in at least one activity, and usually more. It saves her the trouble of looking for them and gives her an excellent opportunity to get close to the target. The h is badass, the H I remember really liking. One of the major problems the biggest, in my opinion is character development and depth with both main characters.

So she does not fight him and waits patiently for the kill. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Old Alberdeen’s marketplace, Scotland, UK fictional. An amusing tale about what happens when a girl pretends to be a boy and becomes a squire.

It gets to point where zander is so screwed in the head he becomes some what suicidal. And she was always reading. I bet had Morgan actually been a man and enough time had passed, he’d have even been willing to give in to his love.


Lady of the Knight

I remember loving it. And then we have our arrogant, cocksure, unsympathetic “killing machine” heroine Morganna, who is known as Morgan the male Squire for the vast majority of the book. How is he incapable of seeing through her disguise especially since he’s been living with her when his brother sees through it within the first second of meeting her?

This pisses me off jackiee sure, historical romance and all that casual sexism, but this was more in the realms of fantasy to begin with I’m pretty damn sure I’ve never heard of a Squire Morgan that helped unite the clans with his pure awesomeness to win Scottish Independence in the early s and I don’t see why allowances couldn’t or wouldn’t have been made lasy the Laird’s eccentric Lady with a peculiar penchant for manly pursuits.

Alexander “Zander” FitzHugh makes the boy “Morgan” his squire. The confusion and disgust coming from a ivid warrior that cannot figure out why he is desperately attracted to a person he believes to be a male.

Finally it skips to a “many years in the future” epilogue where they don’t even tell their own football team children how awesome their mother is. Top Pick – Romance Reader at Heart ” L’auteur nous offre aussi une histoire pleine de rebondissements et des personnages forts et bruts. Lady of the Knight is her first published work. She has a talent that will best the best of any man.

Yet FitzHugh cannot deny that he is strangely drawn to nackie lad in his charge, and he intends to find out why. But what really made me want to gouge my eyes out while reading this book was the fact that the heroine had absolutely no ladu, no sympathy, couldn’t spell the word humble if it was rammed down her throat. kngiht

Jackie Ivie, Romance Author, Lady of the Knight

It always annoyed me, so I loved when Zander told the Squire Morgan that he loved “him”. Everyone was murdered and she vows for vengeance. The fact that I got as far into the book as I did amazed me. Oh why, oh why do you do this Ms Ivie?? Scottish Highlands Historical AD To Barbara, who was with me for every chapter.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She watched him assimilate it. The hero captures the heroine on a battlefield thinking she is a boy and decides to make her his squire.

The confusion and disgust coming from a clan warrior that cannot figure out why he is desperately attracted to a person he believes to be a male.

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. Yes, it is THAT good!

I want to see a character work at their skill and earn it during their journey. What Readers Are Saying What do you think? Her mind is set on avenging her clan’s deaths and the warrior comes from the clan that she wants to take out revenge. Way to shit on someone else for your own selfish happiness there, dude.

In addition to writing, Jackie is knighg accomplished artist in several mediums, preferring mixed media. This story was a zero, but I’m giving it two stars because crappy as it was it was well written. Now I’m all for women warriors, but this knigut work of fiction was absolutely, painfully ridiculous.

View on the Mobile Site. I read this awhile ago before I was a member of GR. Cependant, il y a comme une impression de beaucoup trop.