VFR Chart of LGIR. IFR Chart of LGIR. Location Information for LGIR. Coordinates: N35°’ / E25°’ View all Airports in Kriti, Greece. Elevation is TAR System COVERAGE Chart Within IRAKLION/ZAKIS TMA With Aerodrome Obstacle Chart – Type A – Operating Limitations – Rwy ‘. LGIR/HER. NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS. P. IRAKLION, GREECE. Trans level: By ATC Trans alt: 11,’. New chart. Climb straight ahead to.

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Moving at higher speeds, and closer to the VOR, you’ll basically have to find a turn rate that will maintain the arc.

Is this just something that comes with practice, should I enter a FMC fix, or is there something in the displays I’m missing? Looking at my flight plan is looking at a squiggly line that in no way resembles a DME Arc. Depending on the wind direction, you nose ltir have to point into or away from the VOR. It called for an approach on runway 9, which I have only seen once in a video. You would of course lead the turn a little, and intercept and track that course inbound.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. Is this anywhere near the right track excuse my pun? On March 18,the first charter flight from abroad British Airways operated at the airport. And on the final approach course degreesat what point would I break off to align myself with the runway?


This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x It starts of saying “Let’s now take a look at some useful At first, the airport only offered very basic service, with only primitive installations on the site, in the form of three tents, smoke for wind determination and storm lamps for runway lighting. Since you were on a course, twist to During the summer months the airport can become very congested.

So, if you keep your ground track right on that 12 DME circle, you will keep the arc. This method wouldn’t be practical at the speeds you’ll be going, and would be more difficult with the workload involved. With an odd STAR and no arrival, I’m left wondering how on earth I’m supposed to fly the approach I realize it’s probably quite simple, and that I’m just not getting something here, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Next, track inbound a radial off the arc, and intercept 15 miles and kts.

No – this is definitely very helpful. Sign In Sign Up.

I’m waiting for the pink CDI to center, then turning to heading to intercept the final course:. Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource! So in regards to the bearing pointer, is that just a matter of putting the ND into APP mode, or is there another way to bring it up?

Daily Weather Quality Charts for LGIR (Heraklion Airport , Greece): 2018-Dec-30

lgi When I’ve encountered something like this before all I’ve done is insert a fix around the VOR with the radial being the heading given in the gray lines and the distance being the DX. Give me a few, I’ll do a shot by shot since I’ve no video software. This was then merely a piece of flat agricultural land.


It’s a difficult concept to portray via text and pictures, but hopefully it’ll help! Today, when planning my flight form Dusseldorf to Chart, I encountered some approaches that I didn’t recognize. To visualize this, I’ve circled the lead radial and the inbound course: Donate to our annual general fund. As you can see in my 2nd screenshot, the bank angle was about degrees at kts IAS and kts GS. Load up, go to a VOR, and play around with intercepting and tracking an arc. It’s tracing the circle as more of a sided polygon.

Wx LGIR (HERAKLION in GREECE) (IATA:HER) | Meteo·Mobile Aviation Weather

During the Second World War operations ceased, but in fall traffic re-assumed, introducing the DC-3 aircraft. Dial this radial into your course, chatts you reach it, turn left 30 degrees to your inbound course ofwhich would be a heading.

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