This story based on magic realism shows the power of love and sweetness of life. It captures the gratitude of the children toward their parents. Flax-Golden Tales Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu Four Levels of Interactions Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone ( – ) For: BA/BBS First Year. Life is Sweet at Kumansenu – Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone (). Literal Comprehension. The story is about a family in a small African.

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Repetition of something to set in our mind indeed kills our creative power and intuition.

Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

But Max Kelada did not believe and they bet for dollars. But the essayist only concerns on the destruction and only destruction.

The island would have been a pristine paradise teeming with woods, fish, and wildlife. Early and recent anthropology and DNA research on the island turned up evidence that the culture and people were of Polynesian decent.

The supplies for the statues and tools used would have come from various parts of the island. Pollen from flora disappeared. But she denied marrying kumanswnu for his being an artist.

They should not waste time and delay so that their lives will be sweet.

From that point on I was a reader and I loved it. Then they reach to the graveyard, the mother takes some of the almonds and throws up the graveyard. The word “coy” tells the reader that the lady is no easy catch; seeet word “mistress” can mean lady, manager, caretaker, courtesan, sweetheart, and lover. His daughter went to meet him and saw that her ukmansenu had covered his neck. Ge, Je, etc even in far distance from the master.

While Wright had to lie and sneak in order to get books from the library, I was allowed to freely spend hours there and borrow as many books as I could manage.

More than that, after reading it, I came to know and accept the fact that nature has equally empowered its creatures with distinct qualities. Ramsay has stayed one year alone in Japan living Mrs. He pleads with a young lady to stop playing hard to get and accept his love. Indeed, there was a black spot in the exact place where she had spotted in her previous baby. However, the author added the title, using the third-person possessive pronoun “his” to refer to the young man.


If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing kumansdnu problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. As here with the Svetlovidov, life without support is disaster full of agony.

In this essay as a researcher of environment she talks about the degrading condition of the nature and surrounding. Her name was Bola with her seven years old granddaughter named Asi. It shows the rationality of human beings, yet some people want to stop their production immediately.

She wanted to call all the villagers to welcome him. In reality, of course, Marvell wrote the entire poem. Interpretation This story may be trying to tell us about the writer’s attitude towards the black. Your email is never published nor shared. Does a kumansehu really become mad or blind in love?

So it can be concluded that Abioseh, the author of this story, used characterization through speech and through appearance to interpret the theme that life should not be taken for granted. When such hope is faded then we start remembering our past and burst in agony. The government and people slowly declined because of the heavy environmental destruction and because ia concerns took precedence over conservation. Metaphysical poetry, pioneered by John Donne, tends to focus on the following: Why didn’t they look around, realize what was going on and stop it before it was too late?

But she wants to make us ponder on the fact: The central character is a man who has worked in the theater for most part of his life and who just gave his last show. She believes that due to human indifference, rapid urbanization and industrialization, the environment is getting heavily polluted.


This is the psychological aspect in the story. Similarly the next man concluded from his experiment that the intoxicating quality lies in glass not in water and even not in other alcoholic substances like bourbon, rum, scotch, rye, and gin and so on since all these substances were mixed with water.

It might be trying to give the superstitious cultural tradition of African country. Similarly, people have been greatly suffering from other various natural calamities such as flood but still people don’t seem concerned to the direction of its preservation.

Also, I come to understand young love can both destroy and make any one’s life. The daughter could not believe it and begins to cry and the mother lulls her by offering the chain which was her father’s last gift. Is love only youth and beauty? There is strong bond of love from son to mother and vice-versa. Suddenly Bola saw her son inside the house and became so much excited. An old person is a dead for romance.

The evidence found leads us to believe that destruction of the island ecology began about A. Because the destruction and erosion was so gradual that nobody noticed. To exemplify the very statement, he has intentionally brought about the case of Perico pet tamed by Don Lucas. After reading this story, we can find some disagreeable points.

Life is Sweet | Teen Ink

He said that he had a very good knowledge about everything. Critical Thinking But don’t write points in exam, write in paragraphs After reading this story, we can find some disagreeable points.

The parrot was kept in a cage above the school door under the show of the palm leaves. It lies two thousand miles west of South America, and 1, miles from the next nearest inhabitable island.